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Swimming Pool Construction


CONGRATULATIONS !! You have taken the first step towards enjoying many seasons with your family and friends in a Zodiac Swimming Pool !

We use high quality materials and most up to date building and remodeling practices available in swimming pool construction.

No swimming pool construction project is too big or small ! From Small plunge pools to big residential and commercial pools, WE DO IT ALL ! 

"Outstanding Design … Superlative Craftsmanship"

If you are planning to install a pool in your backyard we have all the best technologies to build a pool. We are not long limited to construct a pool with traditional method but also continuously strive to incorporate state of the art cutting edge techniques to build a pool considering budget and space constraints.


We construct gunite swimming pools (a popular choice) because it is highly durable and it can be created in just about any shape. Gunite pools use a rebar (reinforcing bar) framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture.


They are made out of a mold having multiple layers of fiber glass shields laid using resins to being the shape of the pool and later the pool is taken out from the mold. These pools are manufactured in the factory and brought to the site using crane. However these pools comes with few CONS... The pool can NOT be left empty as the empty pool results in pool getting bulged from the side walls as well as from the bottom, Even small changes in the shape of the pool results in tiles coming off. That’s one of the reason why pool contractors give lesser guarantees on tiles coming off, Limited to only certain shapes, sizes and depths, Not all villas /townhouses have provision of having a crane to deploy a single shell fiberglass pools.


Fiber-O-Concrete pools are one of the best things happened in pool industry over the last 15 years.

This method has gained popularity as it takes the advantages of both concrete and single-shell pools and merge into ONE solution and has solved many problems.  In this way, the pool becomes fool-proof against the doubt for both structural strength and leakage possibilities.

PROS..Quicker than traditional concrete pools, 15 Years structural guarantee (More importantly, the guarantee is also against pool bulging/dis-shaping, leakage), Fiberglass is Non-porous so gives peace of mind for having No leakage, This construction process allows for more flexibility in shape, size, and depth, While applying the fiberglass on-site, the surface is kept rough so that once tiles are applied, they have much stronger bonding with the structure body. Also the Epoxy based glue and grout is used. So, this is the reason pool tiles are guaranteed for a period of 10 Yeas (unmatched in the industry) against tiles coming off, The pool can be left empty UNLIKE the single-shell fiberglass pool, Earth movement, soil settlement or other reasons does NOT impact the pool shell to dis-shape or prone to any other structural problems.

CONS...Not suitable for big commercial pools or water parks, Possibility of pool size is limited to maximum length of 16 meters, maximum width of 8 meters and maximum depth of 2 meters.


In this age and time, a solution was required to have a pool installed as quickly as possible, having the same finished look just as concrete pool with tiles and can be installed Anywhere Anytime.

Fiberglass Readymade Panel Pools is the solution… The fiberglass panels are made using the best technology of hot-pressed panels by one of the top international fiberglass companies in collaboration with BASF (The Chemical Company). These panels are assembled on site (making sure the ground has already been prepared) using multiple accessories. The pools can be installed underground, above ground OR half under half above ground. It has become quickly popular among villas/townhouses having smaller backyard/frontyards and due to their nature of assembling/dismantling, there is NO need of authority approvals as they are considered as Portable Pools.

PROS..Super Quick Installation,Preferred choice for smaller villas/townhouses/apartment with adequate sized balconies /garages/gyms/fitness centers etc, Fiberglass is Non-porous so gives peace of mind for having No leakage chances, Choice of any tiles as pool finish, Can be installed underground, above ground OR half under – half above ground, Can be dismantled and re-located with minimal service charges, No approval required from the authorities as they are considered as Portable Pools, 15 Years guarantee (More importantly, the guarantee is also against pool bulging/dis-shaping, leakage).

CONS..Not suitable for big commercial pools or water parks, Possibility of pool size is limited to maximum length of 10 meters, maximum width of 6 meters and maximum depth of 2 meters.

Zodiac Pools undertake everything from the design and build of the simplest luxury pool to highly complex projects including infinity edge , linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow system.

The design and build team bring the latest technology to the pool design and installation including high efficiency and environment friendly equipment. Engineering excellence result in outstanding swimming pool design, efficient and streamlined plant-rooms - the result of detailed planning, high accuracy and outstanding teamwork.

Skimmer Type: Water level is below the top level of the pool and skimmer is used to remove debris from the surface. With latest design of "Slim Skimmer" water is (+/- 4cm) down from the top giving it a mirror like effect.

Overflow Type: Where the water overflow from the top and the water line is level with the edge of the pool and overflow into channels built across the boarder. There is a reservoir/balance tank constructed separately.

Infinity Type: Where the water spills over either from one or all sides providing sheer fall water effect.

  • Member APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) USA.
  • 15 Years Guarantee  ( Structural and Leakage)
  • 10 Years guarantee (Against Tiles Coming Off)
  • 10 Years guarantee against any plumbing leakage
  • No-Chlorine System
  • Spanish Filters and Pump
  • Italian Valves and Fitting
  • German Brand Schneider electrical components
  • Anti Entrapment safety drains
  • Specialized after care maintenance department

Mr. Ramon Navarro

I am writing to compliment you on the fantastic job Zodiac Pools accomplished while doing pool at Anantara, Desert Island Resort & Spa, Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Everyone involved was professional and knowledgeable. The crew worked hard and managed to commission the pool well within deadline.

Director of Engineering, Anantara Desert Island Resort & Spa

Mr. Adullah

We love our Pool system because the water has a fresh natural smell, our skin is never irritated by the pool water, and showering is unnecessary after swimming. We recommend this system to anyone who is interested in high quality swimming pool water.


Mr. Michael Santos

Highly recommend to anyone. No more red itchy eyes, dry skin, damaged hair. You will be glad that you did it

Jumeirah, Dubai

Mrs. Ine Bamps

We love our new pool. We are very glad that we decided to choose your company to install our beautiful pool. We thoroughly enjoy using it. Thanks for running such an honest and conscientious business and caring so much about every details of the job. It was really pleasure dealing with Zodiac Pools

Emaar Villas

Mrs. Malik

I purchased the Chlorine Free Pool this year. After reading it in an advertisement, I was curious. Not using chlorine sounded great. After learning more from the dealer, I was convinced to try it. There was a difference. The water made our skin softer and the children enjoyed the water without chlorine. They stayed in longer and didn’t mind opening their eyes. Our children were enjoying their swim and in the long run it is better for our health.

Al Barsha, Dubai

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