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Covers & Fence

  • It is the best quality cover available in the market 500 micron pool cover material.
  • In the winter months the pool cover greatly reduces heat radiation & can reduce heating costs by up to 50%.
  • Cover also prevents up to 98% of evaporation saving water, chemicals and energy.
  • Reduces debris contamination & also inhibit algae growth.
  • Very easy to install, it just lies on the pool water surface and is fixed to the roller with easy to use straps and fixings.
  • It can be cut to any size.
  • The use of a roller and an AquaBlade make the use of a cover very simple and easy.
  • Reduce filter blockage.
  • Lower the risk of eye, ear, skin and gut infections.
  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Reduce water bills.
  • Reduce chemical consumption.
  • Reduced mainenance for pool.
  • It's a green and environmentally friendly product.

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The Strongest Protection for your family

A safety cover is the strongest way to protect children and pets from the dangers of an unsupervised swimming pool.What kind of safety cover would we build to protect our own families? This is the question on our minds when we engineer the safety cover that protects your family. Every single component of our safety covers is painstakingly engineered to be the best.

Heavy duty stainless steel single-coil springs, with D-Rings for ease of installation and adjustment. They have a lower profile - so covers lay flat and fit tight - whatever the shape of the pool. Standard on all Solid & Mesh covers.Fully flushed with the ground... means full safety while walking on the deck.

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Our EASY COVER is made of semicircular anodized aluminum supporting bars and modular panels made of reinforced flexible composite material with an anti-abrasion treatment. It is equipped with an easy fixing system.

Easy cover can be rolled up in 2-3 minutes by just one person using a manual crank.
Your pool can be quickly covered by just one persona using its return strap. Easy cover is so light that you can easily move it to any preferred storage area.

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Everyday protection for your family... at the touch of button

A automatic safety cover is the best protection available for your family.

Simply flip a switch, and your automatic safety cover will create a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. Custom-built to fit yur pool perfecctly and manufactured from best-in-class materials, Cover is the best protection available for your family and your pool investment!

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Safety, comfort and ease of use are blended seamlessly with luxury and style.

Safety in and around your pool. Enjoy your private pool...without worrying about safety. Choosing for the integrated Aquadeck slatted cover means choosing for the very best solution to protect your children and pets. An integrated Aquadeck pool cover takes all your worries away.

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Frameless Tampered Glass Fence

Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass.

Our Frameless Glass Fencing offers style and luxurious uninterrupted views of your pool surroundings.

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