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Pool Maintenance

"A clean pool doesn't always mean a healthy pool"

Zodiac Pools provide a full range of pool maintenance services including periodic service, equipment repairs and installation, pool inspections, and pool renovation services to both commercial and residential clients. We use or knowledge and experience to keep your swimming pool and its systems in proper and optimum working order.With strategic modifications, ZODIAC POOLS can help pool owners achieve significantly lower operating costs, improved operating efficiency and a safer swimming environment.


Each Pool Service Visit Includes

Pool Chemistry

Recommended Chlorine Range in a Pool:

Free Chlorine 1 to 3 ppm | Combined Chlorine < 0.3 ppm

Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and control algae in your pool water so that it is safe for swimming. Stabilized chlorine or the compounds of chlorine and Cyanuric acid are in worldwide use due to the fact that Cyanuric acid acts as a stabilizer in outdoor pools thus reducing the chlorine loss due to the action of UV rays from the sun.

When chlorine levels are not kept in the recommended ranges, the following problems can occur.

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