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We use the highest quality roofing materials

What we offer

Roofing is an excellent way to add value to your property.

Robotic Pool Cleaners are energy efficient, easy to use and come close to being better than a professional pool technician except that they can not check your pool chemistry .

As pool water passes through the heat exchanger, the hot gas gives up its heat to the water in the adjacent piping.

A Pool pumps is the heart of a pool. Like heart in a human body pumps blood, pump in a pool pumps /circulate water from pool to filtration.

Pool Filters keep your pool clean and good filtration results in a debris free pool.                                                     

Solar pool and spa blankets are usually made of light-weight bubble-type plastic, which floats on the water surface.

We will gladly educate our customers on usage of chlorine and disadvantages of Cynuric Acid that is ban in many countries.

Glass mosaics add beauty to your pool and make the maintenance very easy when it comes to the physical cleaning of floor and walls

Enjoy your pool at night. Pool lights ensure the area is safer in the evening and creates a perfect place to enjoy.

Convert to a saltwater chlorinator to automatically regulate your chlorine dosing and to enjoy your pool.

Why Zodiac Pools Dubai

We can save you money on your next roofing project.

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Pool Design

Transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis with Zodiac Pools Dubai custom pool design services. Expertly crafted to fit your unique style and needs.

Pool Construction

Experience luxury pool construction with Zodiac Pools Dubai. Expert design, quality materials, and exceptional service.

Pool Maintenance

Zodiac Pools Dubai offers professional swimming pool maintenance services to keep your pool sparkling clean and in optimal condition. Trust us for all your pool needs.

Pool Leak Repair

Zodiac Pools Dubai offers professional swimming pool leak repair services. Trust us to fix leaks and restore your pool's integrity

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